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March Mixed Dozen - Wines of the Americas

March Mixed Dozen - Wines of the Americas
Selected by Chris Kloss

As time goes by the world is getting smaller through better communication and easier transit, in wine the reach of international products is growing ever wider; in the month of March we take the opportunity to savour the wines of both North and South America.

The mixed dozen brings together two continents with vastly different winemaking histories and landscapes.

In the North, the US of A has been surging ahead with just a few hiccups along the way. Big fortunes have been spent and legends created, and as in Australia; Californians have invariably been driven to compare their product to their European counterparts. Famously, the purists supposedly detest Merlot and their Chardonnays rival those of Burgundy?!!

In the South, the geography lends itself to a vast range of climates and the individual countries histories' have led to the proliferation of grape varieties seldom seen elsewhere in the world.

What works in the South has little or no bearing on what eventuates in the North; but conversely the greenback dictates largely on the very valuable export market of the South American nations. This moth we set out to discover the Americas! Running North to South we have Oregon Pinot with Underwood Pinot Noir 2015 and Kings Ridge Pinot Gris. From California a cornucopia flavours and styles; Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs 2014 (sparkling wine of Presidents) La Crema Montery Chardonnay and Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks Zinfandel!

From the South we are offering the range of styles South America's diversity. Of course, we have Malbec from Mendoza in Argentina, Chardonnay from Chile, Torrentes from Cafayate in Salta Argentina, Bonarda - the Italian variety which has found new life in South America, and Carmenere from Chile. WE round this all out with a Pinot from the Curico Valley in Chile and a Tannant from Uruquay!

This road trip across the Americas dozen is all you need to sample what the Brave New World has to offer and it is all for $290 - a discount of 30%!