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Premium Portuguese 6-Pack 2017

Premium Portuguese 6pack
Selected by Jacqueline Turner

“Portugal is arguably the most exciting wine place on the planet today.” Matt Kramer, Wine Spectator

“Spanish wine may have been riding the crest of a fashionable gastronomic wave, but in many ways Portugal has more to offer the discriminating wine drinker – certainly far more indigenous grape varieties.”
“Portuguese wine is made from a dazzling array of high-quality vine varieties that are, for the moment anyway, rarely found elsewhere.” Jancis Robinson

“Portugal has a glittering array of over 250 native grape varieties planted across some thirty wine regions, spread from head to toe.
What’s more, Portugal has bucked the single varietal trend; its winemakers are highly skilled in the art of blending. Not just grape varieties either; a new generation of winemakers cleverly combine modern and traditional techniques. The result? A rich kaleidoscope of truly unique flavours, textures and aromas.” Sarah Ahmed

Portugal is the birth place of 2 of the world’s most famous wine styles – Port and Madeira. It is home to one of the world’s oldest demarcated wine regions – the Douro in 1756. With the combination of over 30 DOC regions in an area smaller than Victoria, more than 300 varieties in current usage and the amazing variation in altitude, soil types and weather the potential of Portugal is almost limitless.

This premium pack highlights the premium red wines regions of Portugal. Portugal has come a long way from Port and these are some of the best examples from Dona Paterna, Esporao, Casal Santa Maria, Quinta dos Murcas, and Quinta das Camelias. This is the perfect pack to explore Portugal without a plane ticket!

If you ever wanted to see the best Portugal has to offer for a humble $240 this is the pack for you!