2016 Usseglio Offer

Thierry Usseglio can always be counted on to produce flamboyant wines, regardless of vintage, and his ‘16s don’t stray from that pattern. It’s a year that favors fruit, he pointed out, “like ’09, but with ’16 the wines are more solid and have more freshness so they don’t seem too heavy, especially compared to, for example, 2007.” That said, these are lush, powerful wines that showcase ripe fruit and rounded tannins, which makes them pretty delicious soon after release. I prefer them with some bottle age but I can’t fault the numerous Châteauneuf aficionados who like them young. For them, ’16 is a must-buy vintage. JOSH RAYNOLDS, Vinous

Usseglio’s highly sought after Chateauneuf Du Pape bottlings are renowned for their power and intensity. Unlike many of his colleagues in the region he manages to walk the line between fruit weight, power and density without loosing freshness and verve. A Vintage like 2016 plays right in to Thierry Usseglio’s strengths as the year provided perfectly rip fruit with plenty of flavour, perfectly ripe phenolics and ample natural acidity. It is almost like the vintage was designed for him.

While his wines have proven to age remarkably well I would hazard a guess that a goodly portion of them are drunk on the young side as they have so much appeal in their youth when they are loaded with spicy fruit and plenty of plushness. Bold wines that are full of personality that should be in every fan of the Southern Rhone cellar.