2018 Pooley Pinot Release


Pooley is of course one of the gems of Tasmanian wine. CAMPBELL MATTINSON, The Wine Front

It is not like we keep the fact we love the Pinot coming out of Tassie these days a secret. The promise of that little Island to the south of Melbourne has finally started to show in the wines being released. The last large handful of years has really seen something akin to an explosion of quality there and for us it’s an incredibly exciting area for great Aussie wine (though the fact it is regarded as one GI is somewhat farcical, like saying Victoria is one wine region. Anyway I digress) with lots of new blood releasing wines of great quality and regionality.

While they certainly aren’t “new blood” in Tassie the Pooley wines have certainly been ratchetted up a serious notch in recent times with Anna and Matt now in charge of the winery and vineyards. There has been some recent expansion of plantings and a serious push from the family to place themselves at the top of the quality tree in the state and I think it’s fair to say they are doing just that.

The regular bottling from them has garnered a huge following in recent years and we are offering to our Aussie wine buyers for a very special 20% off in straight dozens. Get in quickly to avoid missing out, last year it sold out in mere moments and we expect a similar response this year.

Once again there is no review for the wine as yet but that will inevitably come with the usual glowing press.

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