Affordable Burgundy Tasting 2019 / Chardonnay

No question, in my mind anyway, that the greatest wines on earth all share one thing in common, they are all from Burgundy. Sadly I am not alone in that belief and with the global recognition of the uniqueness of the region and the special wines that can be found here the demand for them has reached fever pitch in the last decade or so.

Small production, in the grand scheme of things, and huge global demand for the wines has driven pricing sky high, putting most of the more famous wines out of reach for most consumers. Both their pricing and their scarcity making it beyond difficult.

This doesn’t mean that great Bourgogne wines can’t be found and at reasonable pricing still. What the humungous success of the region as a whole has meant is that many smaller producers and those in the less prestigious communes are able to push their quality forward as the market seeks out new and interesting examples from the major regions or their satellites. Once a year we like to put on a selection of some of these wines and tip our hats to those in Burgundy who are working hard to create wines of real character and quality and releasing them at affordable prices. To these men and women we say thanks.

This tasting really is all about great Burg you can drink, with a couple of things in there you may not have thought of in the past, a cracking Aligote and a St Bris. It is a line up of producers who we think over deliver in that affordable price range with some extra red hot deals on some products for the day. Don’t miss this, it should be a brilliant tasting.


Roscoe and the crew and PWS HQ