Allies Assemblage Pinot Noir 2018

A former chef and sommelier, David Chapman began Allies in 2003 while working at Moorooduc Estate. He makes Pinot Noir, emphasising the diversity of the Mornington Peninsula by making a number of wines sourced from different districts. David spends much of his time in the vineyard, working to ensure well exposed and positioned bunches, to achieve ripe, pure flavours and supple tannins. His winemaking focuses on simple techniques that retain concentration and character: no added yeasts, and no fining or filtration, are standard practices. Production of Allies wines is small and will probably remain that way, given that any expansion will limit the number of vines David can personally tend. JAMES HALLIDAY

They’ve got a bit of magic dust going on down at Allies wines it would seem. Just about everything they touch seems to turn to gold. CAMPBELL MATTINSON, The Wine Front

Yes, it is another email for a wine from David Chapman and before the press has seen it again. I am sorry about that but please trust us here, this is one of the greatest value Pinot in Oz year in and year out, you only need to look at the track record of reviews for this wine to know it is going to get all the gongs again and justifiably so.

I popped in to see the great man on the weekend and taste his 17s out of bottle and his 18s out of barrel. I have to say it is one of the best experiences on the Peninsula as the site and sub regional expressions are on clear display here and few winemakers can articulate the point as well as Chappy. One thing I had to take note of, apart from the obvious quality of what was in the glass, was his offhand comment about this being the best Assemblage to date. That is a very big call from a very humble man, worth taking on board. 2018 across the region was particularly strong for Pinot, Chappy has taken that and crafted a bracket of wines that every fan of the variety in Oz should take note of.

As I mentioned there is no press yet but I get the feeling that the big scores and high praise is only a little while away.

We are offering the wine at a very special discount of more than 20% off in straight dozens to try and share the love.