An Egly Ouriet Masterclass 2019

 "Few producers can equal Francis Egly in skill and experience, and larger houses cannot hope to emulate the cultivation norms…" MICHEL BETTANE, The World's Greatest Wines.

"The Egly-Ouriet Champagnes are built on maniacal attention in the vineyards, vinification in oak, long aging in bottle before disgorgement and low dosage, all of which yield rich, vinous Champagnes of tremendous density and power. … These wines confirm Egly's standing among the elite grower estates in Champagne." ANTONIO GALLONI, Vinous Media

"… far from resting on the considerable and merited laurels that he has accrued over a 30-year career, Francis Egly continues to refine and improve. His 2008 Vintage, one of the most extraordinary young Champagnes that I've ever tasted, is only just being disgorged this year… No winemaker in Champagne is more precise or meticulous, from vineyard to cellar… and I continue to be amazed at the reasonable tariff such artisanal craftsmanship commands in a region where those qualities remain hard to come by. While the quality of Egly's wines is an open secret at this stage, I believe that his latest releases number among his best to date." WILLIAM KELLEY, The Wine Advocate

There is no doubt that Egly-Ouriet is one of the reference-point growers in Champagne. Run by the skilful, Francis Egly, the holdings include vineyards which span, Bouzy and Verzenay and encompasses a selection of wines tied deeply to site and offer some of the most sought after, utterly delicious and enchanting wines of Champagne. Francis is among a handful of extremely talented and terroir focused producers who represent the pinnacle of great grower Champagnes.

While little has changed in the production, there have been some recent acquisitions of land as well as vines that have been inherited via Francis Egly's wife, Yannick which include vines in the villages of Trigny and Bisseuil. This adds to the already enviable holdings and will, in the future, bring on-line several new and eagerly anticipated cuvees. But perhaps the most exciting announcement is the release of the 2008 vintage Egly (being offered here). Already a highly lauded vintage, Francis Egly held back this cuvee an extra year on lees and looks to have produced one of the greatest wines of his 30 year plus, career.

There is little more we can say that has not been said above about this eponymous producer and the quality or reliability of the wines coming from this exceptional Domaine except maybe one final word on disgorgement dates and bottlings. Egly was one of the first to pioneer the practice of stating base vintages and disgorgement dates. This is the latest shipment of Egly where the base wines all come from excellent to outstanding vintages and we imagine this will be another superb set of releases given the consistency and proven track record of Egly's wines.