Andre Clouet Champagne Just Landed 2019

Bouzy and Ambonnay are the epicentre of pinot noir in Champagne, and the Clouet family is the priviledged custodian of eight hectares of estate vines in the best middle slopes of both villages. These are rich and concentrated expressions of pinot noir, wines of deep complexity, multi faceted interest and engaging character, yet with remarkable restraint and sense of control. Recent tastings confirm my impression that this small and relatively unknown grower ranks high among Champagne’s finest practitioners of pinot noir – and expresses one of the best value of all. TYSON STELZER, The Champagne Guide

Andre Clouet is based in Bouzy, a village where Pinot Noir speaks with great eloquence, as is evident in these superb, pedigreed Champagnes. ANTONIO GALLONI

With all of Jean-Francois Clouet’s natural charm and flambouyant character one can easily overlook just how seriously he takes his craft and just how blindingly great his offerings are. In the last handful of years his Champagnes from Bouzy have garnered a rabid fan base who gobble up everything we can get and we are forever having to go back to the winery to order more. We are not complaining, we love seeing him get the attention he deserves and love seeing his wines in the hands, and glasses, of people around the country.

The one small downside to this is that they tend to come in waves and often sell out before the next shipment arrives. A boat has just docked and it was carrying the new cuvees of Rose, Grande Reserve and his 2009 so we are offering them to our Champagne customers first at a very special price for straight six packs of each of the three wines.

If you haven’t tried any of JFs bubbles before I will endeavour to explain the house style. The domaine is based in Bouzy, where Pinot is king and he does not shy away from that, in fact he embraces the communes prime variety and gives it the opportunity to sing out loud and proud. His wines tend towards opulence and hedonism with plenty of autolytic characters and mouth-filling fruit profiles. They certainly don’t lack finesse or minerality, it is just that they err on the side of luxuriousness and the inherent energy of the region supports the wines, providing a backbone and keeping them fresh and exhilarating. If you know them already then there is no need to say it but if you don’t I urge you to give them a go, they will please any crowd but also reward the serious Champagne drinker with ample complexity and interest.

As always if you wanted to chat about the wines please feel free to contact either Michael or myself directly.