Annual Champagne Offer 2018



In recent years the champagne market has experienced a shift away from the larger houses to smaller, quality conscious producers who control production from vineyard through to bottled wine. The market enthusiasm for Grower Champagne is exciting and reflects consumers growing interest and appreciation of quality Champagne. Indeed, it this has led to new levels of quality across the board from all producers, large house or small.

For many of us Champagne is no longer ‘just a celebratory drink’, but a wine to be enjoyed on any occasion. Some producers are adopting a Burgundian attitude, believing their vineyards express site- specific terroir, and are bottling their wines accordingly. Indeed, the terroir in Champagne is like no other, and the wines of Champagne are like no other sparkling wine. This is an exciting time for Champagne as a region and for champagne lovers alike!

As consumers have become more aware of the unique nature of champagne they have also become more aware of the importance of shipping and storage. Lot numbers listed on champagne bottles indicate the date of disgorgement for NV Champagnes. The older the date the less fresh the wine. Similarly, storage and shipping are essential in guaranteeing quality. If stored or shipped incorrectly champagne loses its freshness and bead. Ultra-discounted champagnes are often the result of poor storage and shipping conditions, or stock purchased from overseas markets then on shipped again to Australia. All the wines shown here are shipped in climate-controlled containers direct from the wineries themselves.

Champagne has experienced a series of excellent vintages over the last decade and the declared vintage wines range from 2006 through to 2012. 2012 has been hailed as one the best vintages since 2008 and we urge you to taste these wines and consider them for your cellar. Many of the current NV’s are based on the excellent vintages of 2012, 2013 & 2015. There has never been a greater opportunity to experience such a brilliant collection of bubbles! As always, we have done our best to ensure the most competitive pricing possible. Our prices are, we believe, some of the sharpest in the country at the time of publication. All wines from this offer are imported directly through their Australian distributors and we do not sell grey market stock.

This is the largest and (we believe) the most nuanced champagne offer in the country – it has grown and been made possible with your support.

From the team here at PWS – Thank you.