Annual Champagne Offer 2019

Now in its 23rd year Prince Wine Store’s annual Champagne tasting always presents a great opportunity to taste a superb range of Champagnes from many of the greatest houses including Billecart-Salmon, Bollinger, Duval Leroy, Laurent Perrier, Louis Roederer, Moet & Chandon, Pol Roger, Jacquesson, Ruinart, Taittinger, Charles Heidsieck, and Veuve Clicquot. This year we have some new additions to the collection including Frederick Savart, Bonnaire, R.Poillon not to mention some of Champagne’s finest grower producers including Andre Clouet, Lahert Freres, Larmandier Bernier, Pierre Peters and Vilmart.

The champagne market has experienced a shift away from the larger houses to smaller, quality conscious producers who control production from vineyard through to bottled wine. The market enthusiasm for Grower Champagne is exciting and reflects consumers growing interest and appreciation of quality Champagne. Indeed, it this has led to new levels of quality across the board from all producers, large house or small.

It has also led to an exciting exploration of terrain and site as we become more accustomed to the nuance that small growers and producers from Champagnes many villages offer. Champagne offer up so much more then just a celebratory drink. It can be matched and paired with a plethora of foods and can mould itself to so many varied occasions. As one of the world’s largest consumers of Champagne we are well placed to experience all that this category has to offer.

We hope you enjoy this diverse and thrilling range of Champagne from Grand Marque to Grower.


As always we have done our best to ensure the most competitive pricing possible. Our prices are, we believe, some of the sharpest in the country. All wines from this offer are imported directly through their Australian distributors and we do not sell grey market stock.

This is the largest and (we believe) the most nuanced champagne offer in the country – it has grown and been made possible with your support.

From the team here at PWS – Thank you.

Below you’ll also find a list of our “BEST OF” wines as tasted at the 2019 events.



Andre Clout Grande Reserve                SHELF PRICE $85 YOUR PRICE $70             

Billecart Salmon NV                             SHELF PRICE $84 YOUR PRICE $69                 
Jeannaux-Robin Eclats de Meuliere    SHELF PRICE $87 YOUR PRICE $62           
Pierre Gimonnet Cuvee Cuis BdB        SHELF PRICE $89 YOUR PRICE $70               

Bereche et Fils Brut Reserve NV           SHELF PRICE $110 YOUR PRICE $93           
Larmandier Bernier Longitude BdB      SHELF PRICE $110 YOUR PRICE $93         

Vilmart Grande Cellier NV                      SHELF PRICE $130 YOUR PRICE $110         
Frederick Savart Overture                      SHELF PRICE $125 YOUR PRICE $100           
Lacourte Godbillon Terroir de L’Ecueil  SHELF PRICE $100  YOUR PRICE $85       

Hure Freres Insouciance Rose NV      SHELF PRICE $110 YOUR PRICE $93       
Bollinger Rose NV                                SHELF PRICE $110 YOUR PRICE $95             

Andre Clouet Rose No. 3                      SHELF PRICE $100 YOUR PRICE $85           
JM Seleque Solessence Brut Rose     SHELF PRICE $105  YOUR PRICE $89         

Taittinger  Prestige Brut 2012                SHELF PRICE $120 YOUR PRICE $102     
Charles Heidscieck Rose                       SHELF PRICE $175 YOUR PRICE $130         

Vilmart Couer de Cuvee 2010                SHELF PRICE $260  YOUR PRICE $221     
Veuve Clicquot Reserve Vintage 2008  SHELF PRICE $130  YOUR PRICE $115