Annual Clare Valley Expo 2018

Located north west of the Barossa Valley at a slightly higher altitude, the Clare Valley’s typography consists of a series of broken valleys, hills and gullies. The best sites are orientated west, at higher altitude, and the soils have significant limestone components. The most important sub districts of the southern Clare Valley are the two distinct sub-regions of Water Vale and Polish Hill River. Polish Hill River is slightly cooler, ripening up to five weeks later.

Riesling is King in the Clare and the distinct floral and citrus characters with trademark acidity are brilliant summer wines in their yoth and develop magestically complex toasty characters with extended bottle age. The two districts of Polish Hill River and Watervale differ in their expressions of Riesling, with Watervale Riesling slightly softer and more floral than the intense, concentrated Polish Hill River wines.

Despite the fact that it's predominately a Riesling hood, the Clare also produces some incredible red wines too (it is right next to the Barossa, after all), but it's cooler climate due to the higher altitude gives for a slightly leaner and more complex style.