Annual Sparkling Shiraz Tasting 2017 SYDNEY

We all love the festive season. Loads to eat, parties to attend, friends to see, BBQs, Beaches and of course Bubbly Black. Seriously what festive celebration or Christmas lunch is complete without a bottle or four of your favourite Sparkling Shiraz? It is an Aussie tradition for a good reason, the best of these styles are the perfect accompaniment to merriment and food. Nothing matches up against a roast with all the trimmings than a bottle of this stuff with a little age and few things are as good with a grilled patty, slightly burnt sausage and tomato sauce than a young fresh example. We have put together a few of our favourites again, as well as a couple of sneaky sweeties that no Christmas day should be without, for our annual festive season Sparkling Shiraz offer. We hope you enjoy them.