Aussie Riesling Faceoff Offer

Wine made from Riesling is quite unlike any other. It is generally light in alcohol, refreshingly high in fruity natural acidity (quite different from the harshness of added acid), has the ability to transmit the character of a place through its extract and unique aroma...To me Riesling is great not just because it, like Pinot Noir for example, is so exceptionally good at expressing terroir, but also because it makes white wines that are so good at ageing. JANCIS ROBINSON

Ahhh Riesling! Nothing quite like it in the wine world. The purity, the vim and vigour of it, the transparency to the soil it's grown in is peerless in the vinous landscape and ,to top it off, it can age for decades. Suffice to say, it is one of the world's small group of noble varieties for a very very good reason!

In Australia, the Clare Valley has long led the pack in producing a plethora of superb examples powered by the slate underpinnings of the area and a cooler micro-climate that gives perfect growing conditions for the variety. In style the wines are mostly dry, with an ability to age effortlessly across decade they remain one of this country's greatest and most affordable wine treasures. One of our locked-in tastings each year is Clare Valley Expo which features the newly released vintage rieslings - in this case it's the widely hailed 2019 vintage. Long and cool, it was a perfect set of conditions for making great Clare Riesling.

This year we thought it was high-time we opened up the field a little to include some of the other regions and producers who have been making some of Australia's greatest riesling but lack the regional scale of Clare to make a big splash. Of course, you'll know them if you follow the variety. From Victoria we've included Carwford River and Knights Granite Hills (and yes, we know we could have included others) as these two have ridden the vicissitudes of being in and out of fashion but never wavered in their commitment to the variety and they're great quality.

From Tassie, the cooler climate is ideal for producing fine boned and detailed riesling that is quite different. We've included Pooley and a couple of highly awarded but rarely seen sweeter rielsing from Pressing Matters.

Then there's the Great Southern of WA - arguably the heir apparent to Clare for pushing the envelope on quality. In recent years there are few rielsings we'd rather drink than those of Frankland Estate. There neighbours at Forest Hill have recently undergone a bit of a revival too and the wine shave never been better.

Finally, the Canberrans deserve a guernsey don't they? Well, we reckon they do so we've included the wines of Ravensworth and Helm.

We know we could have included more very worthy wines but in the end you've gotta stop somewhere and if you had to fill a Noah's Ark of riesling from Australia, this group are more than worthy! PWS