Austria and Germany 2015 Part 2

Now I have been able to taste the range of 2015s, from an exceptionally good vintage in Austria. JANCIS ROBINSON MW

The best, on the other hand, both Riesling and Grüner, were intensely aromatic, full fruited, fresh, well balanced and deliciously persistent, with good ageing potential and still showing the distinctive qualities associated with their vineyard site, which is not always the case when the fruit flavour is so abundant. JULIA HARDING MW

Is 2015 the vintage of the century? The question has been asked so many times that one becomes tempted to give it short shrift, but here is a longer answer which will, I hope, satisfy the more discerning consumer. On those popular vintage charts condensed to the size of a business card, with one score covering all of Germany, it will probably be given maximum points. I’m not going to prevaricate: the overall standard of top dry Riesling from these two regions is very, very high, with some of the best wines I have ever come across in this category. MICHAEL SCHMIDT

The 2015 vintage in Germany is clearly exceptional. JANCIS ROBINSON MW

2015 is characterised by a unique combination of ripe fruit and zesty acidity, making its wines highly appealing and very easy to understand. JEAN FISCH & DAVID RAYER, Mosel Fine Wines

We have now seen a steady stream of 2015 whites from both Austria and Germany and can confirm the hype is justified, 2015 was a raging success. Perhaps the key points as to why the wines are so good is that they have loads of flavour with properly ripe aromatic and flavour profiles, huge intensity but also the best retain their freshness which is key to a great bottle of Rizza or Gruner. There is loads of early appeal in many of these wines but also the combo of power, structure and acidity means most will also age extremely well. To be quite blunt here 2015 is a vintage that everyone who likes these wines should buy and buy up big, you won’t regret it in years to come. ROSCOE HALLIGAN