Barbaresco 2014 - A Surprising Vintage

The wines I have tasted so far, both from bottle and barrel, are exciting. The finest 2014 Barbarescos are bright and medium in body, with lively acidity, striking aromatics and tons of energy. It is a vintage that will especially appeal to classically leaning palates. ANTONIO GALLONI

In recent years it has been very clear that there are changes afoot in Barbaresco. From the shadows of the crumbling Gaja empire and the quite brilliant co-op Produttori del Barbaresco, has emerged a new guard of younger (as well as older and newly emboldened) producers pushing themselves and their wines forward to a nebbiolo thirsty world. The 2014 vintage has provided a perfect stage for the region to stand alone in the spotlight. As Barolo had a much less suceesful time of the weather Barbaresco has the space to itself.

This small offer brings forward a few of the “new guard”. Names like Olek Bondonio, Francesco Versio, La Ca Nova and the more recent incarnations form the famed Bruno Rocca. Their wines come off a variety of crus and show a variety of styles. The vintage has thrown wines for the near-to-medium term which show ripeness and delicacy at pricing which is hard to resist.