Barbera and Dirupi Tasting 2019

All this talk about the national election has many of us dreaming of an overseas escape.  Piemonte maybe? with a quick trip up through Lombardy would be nice.  But rest assured we are still open and tasting delicious wines as per usual, in fact we'll be providing the best daydreaming aide with a flight of stunning piedmonte Barbera and delicate Chiavanesca (aka Nebbiolo) from Valtelina.

The three wines from Piemonte are drawn straight from our Barbera mixed dozen, out this week.
We have compiled three of our favourite examples from three producers that all take particular pride in their Barbera and range in style from super traditional through the more modern and plush. They include the utterly delicious 2013 from Barbaresco gun Enrico Dellapiana of Rizzi (we just tried the wine there and it is in such a good spot right now we couldn't help but order some). A 2017 from Gianfranco Alessandria which is upfront and engaging. Lastly is the king of the hill, the bees knees, the sumptuous and oh so utterly drinkable 2016 La Tota from the alchemist of Barbera Mario Olivero of Marchesi Alfieri.

Along side these are the detail orientated wines from the gents at Dirupi, who farm 17 plus sites across the sub-zones of Valtellina (Grumello, Inferno, Sondrio, Montagna, Poggiridenti). When we say sites, don't think large acreage. In some cases, the plots are no bigger than a decent lounge room!  Each plot is vinified separately in stainless steel and aged in a mix of larger 20 hectolitre botte and smaller format barrique. The resulting wines have an emphasis on elegance, fragrance and fine detail.