Barbera and Langhe Nebbiolo Tasting 2020

The rolling hills of Piedmont are synonymous with producing Barolo and Barbaresco which are among the greatest wines on earth by any measure you wish to gauge these things. While the pinnacle sites and producers of this esteemed region deserve the attention lavished on them by adoring oenophiles around the globe it is in the next tier of wines where we often find some of the true gems of the region.

Barbera and Langhe Nebbiolo can provide so much pleasure for the consumer and at a fraction of the price some of these top bottles cost today. Langhe Nebb is often made is more approachable fashion than their big brothers, shorter extraction times, less ageing and often in inert vessels. You can get all the hedonism of the big boys but without the muscle that requires them to be cellared for extended times.

Great Barbera is one of the wine worlds real joys and one that is far too often overlooked by way too many people. Top notch Barbera is one of the most convivial and digestible of all Italian reds. Ample weight, fruit and freshness make these things the ideal table wine in so many situations but also one of the more pleasurable to open and pair with good people and great discussion.

Finally, the most overlooked of all and perhaps the most misunderstood, Moscato. When crafted well and grown in the right conditions this variety offers pure drinkability that is unrivalled. Sparkling, slightly sweet but with crisp acidity and summery aromatics, Moscato can be a joyous way to start or finish a session. ROSCOE