Barolo 2015 - What's Left & What You May Have Never Been Offered

The full capability of the nebbiolo grape’s expressive nature is alive in Barolo 2015 and it is a vintage to really celebrate. In general, the wines are exuberantly fragrant and show fresh clear fruit on the nose with abundant aromatic complexity. Structurally they are rich in ripe, fine and powerful tannins. They are toned, muscular and athletic, coupled with freshness, a keen sense of focus, great length, and an astute balance.

These wines also have the great fortune of offering instant appeal as well as more in-depth attraction, which is the hallmark of a truly great vintage. These wines will satisfy both the experienced palate and educated connoisseur. They are also very expressive and show strong typicity by communes and also single vineyards. But if there was one attribute to single out, it is the way in which these wines combine power with elegance. They are thrilling to taste. JAMES SUCKLING

An exceptional vintage thanks to healthy grapes and exceptionally regular bunches. A very cold winter with plenty of snow and a protracted cool and rainy spring replenished the water tables, much needed during a July. The vintage shows great promise. JANCIS ROBINSON MW

As many of our regular Barolo buyers are very aware, over the past couple of months we've been gradually offering Barolo as they are starting to arrive. The response has been nothing short of remarkable with wines largely flying out within hours of their release. I am all too aware that there are many of you who may not be receiving the offers as they arrive and so I have sewn together the residual the most recent offers where I have wine still available (or I have more coming) with a couple of very recent arrivals hich are being offered here for the first time.

This will be the 20-somethingth year I have travelled to the Langhe hills to taste and source Barolo for the Australian market and in that time my, my, how things have changed. This is now the hottest wine category in the world today and the vineyard land second only to Grand Cru sites in Burgundy's Cote d'Or. While the families still work the land as they always did - and they're fantastic and welcoming - the trappings of wealth are there in the new cellars and nice German cars! The wines too have undergone a transformation with better viticulture, more aware vinification techniques as well and undeniable effect of a warming climate on this once marginal ripening area, producing altogether more consistent and great wines.

In 2015 vintage you have a truly great year. As Vietti's Luca Currado commented to me, there was nothing to do. The grapes were perfect. The resulting wines are a superb representation of that growing season where the great crus display a fabulous transparency to their respective sites while giving plenty of flesh and weight buttressed by ripe tannin and acidity. There's structure here that will see the wines age for many years to come. In saying that should you want to find dirnking Barolo then this is a year that bats well down the order and there are countless DOCG bottlings that have a high degree of pliancy as well as the personality of their communes. In fact, if you want to buy DOCG Baroli, this is a year to go hard. There are so many great wines on offer at this level.

This offer highlights wines from a number of great producers including those I've offered before. They are Mauro Veglio, Conterno Fantino, Gianfranco Alessandria and The first time offerings are from Fratelli Barale, Fratelli Revello, Giovani Sordo, Montanello and

I highly recommend all of these producers to you. They've made gorgeous wines and we have worked hard to make sure we have only offered what we loved drinking. In a vintage like this, the temptation is to just offer anything and everything as there so much that's good. We have opted for great in our choices.


Michael McNamara