Barolo 2016 Part 1.1

In so many ways, 2016 is all about being in the right place at the right time for Barolo. An ideal growing season with all the prerequisites for a great vintage comes at a time when so many winemakers are in their primes, past the stage of experimentation and settled into their own personal styles. The result is a vintage full of truly spectacular, breathtaking wines that captures all the pedigree that Nebbiolo and Barolo are capable of. ANTONIO GALLONI

By now you will already know that the 2016 vintage in Barolo and Barbaresco is one of the greatest years in living memory. The amount of media coverage that has already been devoted to that theme is considerable and having been sourcing wine in the area for 20 years, I can only say to you without hesitation, believe the hype. In my career, it is the greatest and you should be buying with unbridled abandon!

In saying this, I love all vintages because I think that's what wine is about - seeing the vicissitudes
of the vintage gives you a window on a moment in time and brings deeper understanding and context of a vineyard, a vintage and a producer. In this way, 2015 is actually a better vintage to drink in the short-to-medium term that 2016. But the latter is truly significant and vintages like it are rare birds indeed. 

So, what makes the vintage so significant? 

To my mind the vintage has everything. It's kind of like pulling the handle on a poker machine, sometimes you get one one golden pineapple, sometimes you get two and sometimes you hit the jackpot and get all three! That's 2016. The vintage ticks every box - perfect ripeness, detailed buffering structure, crystal clear tranparency to site and commune. They are balanced and thrilling in every sense and have the ability to age for 15+ years depending on their place in the hierarchy. 

This offer - Part 1 - is part recap of a couple of individual offers we have made and where we have some extra stock - Elio Grasso and Clerico as well as new offering of wines from Giovanni Canonica, Giovanni Rosso, Cappellano 2015s (these are so rare that I assumed you wouldn't mind me including the 2015s here). 
In coming months I will offer all the usual Baroli I always do plus others who have performed well in this vintage. The rarer and limited wines will be offered first to those who have supported the wines in years like 2014 and 2015. 

As always if you would like to speak about the wines and your choices then please call or email me. 

Cheers and enjoy