Battault and Raphet Tasting 2019

On 2016 whites
Two thousand sixteen is a potentially classic white Burgundy vintage marked by a devastating frost event that sharply reduced overall production and dramatically complicated the lives of growers. Overall production was sharply lower than normal, so the wines will also require serious effort to hunt down. The better ‘16s – and there are many of them well worth your interest – are vibrant, precise and firmly built, with the extract and energy to support graceful evolution in bottle. STEPHEN TANZER

On 2017 Reds
2017 Burgundy: A Modern Classic

The 2017 reds are very good, often excellent, and from time to time, bloody awesome. The benign growing season predicates one of the most consistent vintages I can remember in 20 years of visiting Burgundy.
As nearly every winemaker opined, 2017 is a vintage that distinguishes one vineyard and/or one terroir from another with satisfying clarity. Wines are governed more by the DNA of each vineyard and then sculpted by winemakers’ decisions.
Generally, whilst the 2017 reds might not be as concentrated as the previous two vintages, there is no way you can claim the wines are light. Not only are they imbued with real fruit intensity, but they also seem to be gaining density during their élevage.
The expression that best sums up the 2017 reds is in the title of this article: A Modern Classic… it perfectly encapsulates a vintage that is traditional, yet thoroughly modern. NEAL MARTIN, Vinous Media

By now most of you would have seen something from Michael or myself about the 2017 vintage in Burgundy and hopefully we have started to get the message across to people and that message is, we LOVE the vintage. Our recent tastings from Barrel and bottle of 17s was both informative and exhilarating. Not only does the year provide great quality and also in a style (generally speaking) that we love but there is actually wine available for once. It is the first year since 2009 where the region realised “normal” yields. The result is an abundance of beautiful wines that consumers can sink their teeth in to.

While I have covered my thoughts on the reds a few times now I think it is worth reiterating that this is a classic vintage, in all the right ways. What I mean by that is that the wines are transparent, brightly fruited, perfumed and inviting but have the requisite stuffing and proper phenolic ripeness to ensure they age gracefully and in accordance with their various hierarchical positions in the qualitative ladder. This is a year for people who love to see the imprint of the place shine through.

We have covered 2016 in great detail over the last 12-18 months but this may be the last tasting we get to hold of these brilliant wines and what a way to finish, the simply stunning Meursaults of Francois Buisson.

For this tasting we have two of our favourite producers on. Gerard Raphet, who should need no introduction to long time customers of PWS, and their gorgeously fruited and hauntingly perfumed new 17s. Also, 2016 whites from Buisson Battault. Francois’s wines have become a permanent fixture here at PWS HQ over recent years. We love them for their purity and unerring ability to demonstrate their individual terroir.

Both producers wines have just landed in Australia and this will be the only time we get to show these wines so do not miss out.