Beaujolais Celebration 2017 Best Of

The last three vintages for Beaujolais have been a string of home runs, but 2015 is likely to be the one that delivers the greatest impact and pleasure for most wine lovers. Two thousand fifteen has plenty of candidates for wine of the year; wines that deliver concentration and energy, with opulent fruit character and the classic core of acidity that gives Beaujolais its trademark vivacity. These wines are also built to age but at the same time display an exuberance that makes many of them pretty irresistible now. JOSH REYNOLDS

Today’s wines are varied with some verging more towards a red burgundy, some very (sometimes too) obviously oaked, some wonderfully confident and silky in texture – all of them hugely appetising. JANCIS ROBINSON

The first point to make – and get this loud and clear people – it’s Beaujolais Jim but not as you thought you knew it! The new wave of producers exploiting the old-vine Gamay vineyards of this beautiful region are turning out some of the most exciting wines in France today. Moreover, despite having been bequeathed the “hospital handpass” of wine marketing in the form of Beaujolais Nouveau and all the dumbing down of the region that came along with that, they are resolutely and successfully returning the name Beaujolais to its former glory.

While we have long been touting the virtues of Beaujolais as the region (re)discovered itself after the 1980s (let’s be honest they aren’t the only ones with regrets there) the market has caught up. There is no denying the string of fantastic vintages across 2014 – 2016 has helped too.  The wines are powerful and have Beaujolais’ trademark freshness.

Some of these wines have limited availabilities and will sell out.