Beaujolais Celebration 2019

On Monday night we held our second (hopefully annual) big Beaujolais Celebration where importers from around Australia came together in joyous celebration of a region that is on fire at the moment. The energy and excitement about modern Beauj is palpable, the area is really pushing the quality envelope and reclaiming some of the ground lost on the back of the bulk and uninteresting dross that flooded the market in the 80s. Consumers should be elated at what is on offer these days.

There were more than 20 wines on and a very strong showing on the back of excellent recent vintages. All three vintages present are outstanding if for very different reasons: the much hyped 2018s are plush, ripe and almost voluptuous, but lack nothing for verve. The 2016s are redder fruited and spicy in spectrum with accompanying crunchy profiles; they are pretty, aromatic and drink beautifully. The 2017s sit somewhere in the middle, brightly fruited, but with a little more upfront flesh than the 16s. Together they make a serious triple threat.

As always though some things will rise to the surface and the staff tasted through everything to pick the eyes out of what was on offer. Nothing on the list would be out of place in anyone’s drinking schedule but we have included our highlights reel below.

Among all the great new releases on show one of the importers had a sneaky 1997 Cru under the table he was only sharing with those who seemed most enthused. The wine put to rest the outdated (though ironically rather new) idea Beaujolais can’t age. In our travels we’ve tasted magisterial old bottles of Beaujolais, often at the table of Burgundian winemakers.

The tasting left me reflecting that perhaps one of the key points for Beaujolais is that when at their best they are thoroughly and utterly compelling in their youth, but have the staying power to ensure they will mature and grow in the bottle.

In my experience Beaujolais has never been better than it is right now. There’s a tremendous diversity of styles, there are plenty of producers who continue to push quality and best of all, with all the hype, praise and attention the region is attracting, for the moment the value is still there. You can still buy the best producers’ wines for a tiny fraction of the price of those from regions which have similar claims to fame. How long will these prices last? Your guess is as good as any… but long may it continue!
If you would like to place an order, or chat about any of the wines we suggest, please feel free to call the store on 03 9686 3033 or simply reply to this email. Alternatively you can see the full PDF offer here and order online HERE
Cheers and drink up

Roscoe and the team at PWS HQ

Stephane Aviron Fleurie Beaujolais 2016 SHELF PRICE $55 YOUR PRICE $38
Julien Sunier Morgon 2017 SHELF PRICE $75 YOUR PRICE $63
Domaine Claude Desvignes Morgon la Voute Saint-Vincent 2018 SHELF PRICE $41 YOUR PRICE $34
Chateau Cambon Brouilly 2017 SHELF PRICE $47  YOUR PRICE $39
Chateau Thivin Cotes du Brouilly Sept Vignes 2018 SHELF PRICE $57 YOUR PRICE $48
Domaine Chamonard Fleurie La Madone 2016 SHELF PRICE $63 YOUR PRICE $53
Daniel Bouland Morgon Corcelette 2018 SHELF PRICE $52 YOUR PRICE $44
Daniel Bouland Cote de Brouilly Cuvee Melanie 2018 SHELF PRICE $52 YOUR PRICE $44