Beaujolais Saturday 2018

Hot on the heels of the superb if atypically ripe and powerful 2015s, most 2016 Beaujolais are built along more classical lines, emphasizing lively, sharply delineated red fruit, floral and spice qualities and offering succulent early drinkability....

Thanks to a number of factors, including a recent eight-year run of very good to spectacular vintages (2012 being the sole weak link in the chain), worldwide demand for wines from top Beaujolais estates has been climbing steadily. JOSH RAYNOLDS

Today is Beaujolais' day. Perhaps it is the maturity of the Australian wine market or the increasing prices in Burgundy, but nobody can get enough of Beaujolais. He has nailed it on the head. While we have long been touting the virtues of Beaujolais as the region (re)discovered itself after the 1980s (let’s be honest they aren’t the only ones with regrets there) the market has caught up. And there is no denying the string of fantastic vintages across has helped too. 2016 is a great year for Beaujolais lovers. The wines are classicly styled and have Beaujolais’ trademark freshness, bright fruit profiles, are delicious now and they will cellar brilliantly.