Bellenda Prosecco Offer 2018

Founded in 1986 and devoted to organic farming, Bellenda produces a lineup of Proseccos that rarely disappoint and are usually marked by lovely purity and refined, almost austere aromas and flavors. The Cosmo family was one of the first to believe in, and revive, Prosecco wines made by the classic method of secondary fermentation in the bottle. Their production is devoted mainly to Prosecco, though they also use international grapes like Pinot Noir to make a few other sparkling and red wines. IAN D’AGATA

We’re proud to announce that we are now the exclusive importer of Bellenda Prosecco to Australia and to mark the ocassion we would like to offer the wines on a very special introductory deal where you receive a discount and an extra bottle FOC for purchases of a dozen.

Now, there’s Prosecco and there’s Prosecco! Bellenda are the quality leaders in the zone and their wines transcend the oft-times pedestrian tipple drunk across the north of Italy. Their ‘Sei Uno’ was the only Prosecco to make the Top 100 wines in Italy last year. In short, they’re really good! Bottle fermented and almost entirely dry the wines are produced by one of the oldest families to continuously farm Valdobbiadene and refreshingly the wines have a genuine commitment to quality and transforming the region about them… The Cosmo family believe Prosecco has a minerality and freshness which is completely overlooked and they are striving to produce wines of purity and expression in what is an often-cynical market.

We are offering 15% off and if you purchase a mix of 12 bottles and receive a tasting bottle on us!