Bellene 2016 Bourgogne

I can see no reason not to go large this year, since 2016 offers both quality and character. JASPER MORRIS MW

The best wines are wonderfully refreshing, transparent and graceful with moderately firm tannic spines where the all-important element of balance is supplemented by good but not high acidities. There is no reason not to go heavy – I for one will be buying all that I can afford and find. More specifically, there are two aspects that I absolutely love about the 2016s which are those of the crystalline transparency to the underlying terroirs coupled with their refreshing drinkability. One just feels like drinking the 2016s, in fact it’s hard not to like them. BURGHOUND

We recently landed a top up shipment of one of our, and clearly our customers, favourite little wines. Nic Potel continues to produce one of the best value Bourgogne on the market. He has never been shy in telling people that he believes his Bourgogne is his most important wine as this is what many of his clients are first introduced to. He takes great care with every aspect of the production of his Bourg Rouge. With 67 years average age for the vines this is a serious cuvee that punches well above its weight. The 2016 delivers a super fresh and fruitful expression that is perfect for every day consumption.

The initial shipment of this sold out very quickly, especially after people tasted it, and so we have gone back to Nic asking for more. Obviously with the low yields of 2016 we didn’t get as much as we would have liked but hopefully enough to satisfy the people who know and love this juice.

We are offering it at a very special 20% off in a dozen and an insanely good 30% off in two dozen lots. The wine is always great value but at these prices you are basically robbing us blind. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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