Bests Bin 0 2017 Offer

Best’s winery and vineyards are among Australia’s best-kept secrets. Indeed the vineyards, with vines dating back to 1867, have secrets that may never be revealed: for example, one of the vines planted in the Nursery Block has defied identification and is thought to exist nowhere else in the world. Part of the cellars, too, go back to the same era, constructed by butcher- turned-winemaker Henry Best and his family. Since 1920, the Thomson family has owned the property, with Ben, the fifth generation, having taken over management from father Viv. Best’s consistently produces elegant, supple wines; the Bin No. 0 is a classic, the Thomson Family Shiraz (from vines planted in 1868) magnificent. JAMES HALLIDAY

Bests hold a special place in the landscape of Australian wine and in my personal love affair with fermented juice. I, like a lot of wine people, cut my teeth on these things but unlike a lot of styles I used to enjoy I still love them. They represent the best of Australian Shiraz for me, there is punch, weight, power and richness to the fruit but they are not overburdening to drink like some. In great vintages, which 2017 clearly is judging by what’s in the glass, there is a cool character to the fruit and that pepper and spice show up. This is a great expression of Australian terroir and deserving of its lavish praise.

I think everyone who keeps a cellar or loves Aussie wine should have a six pack of this in the stash. If you open one now with a hunk of grilled meat you will be stoked, if you do the same thing in ten plus years you will kick yourself for not buying more. What a wine. Bravo Justin and Thomson family.