Bonhomme 2017 Vire Clesse Offer

In particular many 2017 display a wonderfully refreshing salinity which only serves to enhance their appeal. BURGHOUND

Like a number of his colleagues in the Mâconnais—and especially in the northern section of the region—Aurélien Palthey is a Riesling lover. Palthey, who took over responsibility for winemaking here from his grandfather André Bonhomme in 2008 while still in his mid-20s, told me that “yellow fruits and jam are not our style.” In the course of our tasting, Palthey compared wines from Quintaine to Meursaults, while those from Viré “are finer and more like Puligny-Montrachet.” STEPHEN TANZER

2017 – A Very Fine to Excellent Classically Styled White Burgundy Vintage BURGHOUND

It is great to see some of the remarkably good 2017 whites starting to arrive in Oz now and what a way to kick things off.

Bonhomme is the leading light in the Macon, though he does have a few people chasing at his coat tails these days, and his wines rarely skip a beat. For the second year in a row I think, in terms of bang for your buck, his Vire Clesse (interesting fact they are the first estate in Vire Clesse which was only given AOC status in 1999) struck us as his top offering. His single lieu-dit 2016s are fantastic as well but this wine punches in a different league when you take in to account that it is only $44 each.

It was funny to watch and listen to the team when tasting it on Tuesday. There was some serious looks on peoples faces, some nodding and unusual facial expressions followed by a couple of comments that I think sum up my thoughts very well “That is very good Macon” from Michael and “if he was an hour north that would be three times the price and people would be knocking down your door to get it” from another “that is banging” was my first comment. In all seriousness though considering the style, presence, sophistication and general digestibility this wine delivers you couldn’t ask for more for a white Burgundy at anywhere near this price point.

I think the cherry on the cake here is that we are offering it at 20% off in straight six packs on the 750mL and there is also a few magnums available and some half bottles, who wouldn’t love a little hand grenade (my personal term for halves) of Bonhomme Vire Clesse?