Bonhomme Vire Clesse Vieilles Vignes 2016

Like a number of his colleagues in the Mâconnais—and especially in the northern section of the region—Aurélien Palthey is a Riesling lover. Palthey, who took over responsibility for winemaking here from his grandfather André Bonhomme in 2008 while still in his mid-20s, told me that “yellow fruits and jam are not our style.” STEPHEN TANZER

Little interesting fact, Bonhomme was the first estate in Vire Clesse. For us though they are a fairly new find, in fact the first time we tasted them was their 2014 release and we have been going hard ever since. For me there is a couple of key points to what makes these wines great. Firstly buying great Burgundy has become increasingly difficult both because of the huge price hikes in recent years and also the growing global shortage for the wines people have traditionally sought out. The other is that they break the Macon mold a little in that they seem to be based on precision, poise and tension rather than ripe fruit and overt winemaking, there is a theme of minerality and freshness across all their wines.

The 2016 Vire Clesse is a dead set ripper. I tasted it with the team recently and both Michael and I were straight on to asking how much we could get. Plenty of depth and nuance, a big hit of minerality, loads of zingy fruit and a snappy, crunchy profile. This little wine is what we are always chasing here at PWS HQ, white burgundy that is both affordable and of real substance. If you haven’t tried them yet trust us you want to get on board the Bonhomme train.

In an attempt to convert you to believers we are offering the wine at a super discount of more than 20% if you grab six or more, which you should, you really, really should.

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