Bordeaux 2015 pre arrival

We have now closed Bordeaux En Primeur 2015. All the remaining wines are available now with altered limits and pricing. There are no longer minimum purchase requirements and all prices are now at standard 15% pre-arrival pricing.

This offer contains all wines still available. Please note this year allocations are limited and many of the rare wines are only available in very small quantities on first offer.

Neal Martin has called this an excellent vintage for the Right Bank, with the heavier clay more suited to vintage conditions. However it is an outstanding vintage in the commune of Margaux in the eyes of both Jancis Robinson and Neal Martin:

Well, in 2015 I can finally claim that the appellation of Margaux produced some of the finest wines of the Left Bank and of Bordeaux as a whole. What pleases me so much is that we are not just talking about the predictable names such as Château Margaux, Rauzan-Ségla or Palmer, which all produced brilliant wines. What gives me so much optimism is that quality is dispersed throughout the hierarchy, so that there is finally a sense of “team effort,” properties pulling up their socks, investing in the vineyards, overhauling wineries, addressing past shortcomings and delivering wines that in 2015 are bound to give enormous pleasure to wine lovers. NEAL MARTIN

It is important to remember any Bordeaux en primeur buying strategy should include a number of petite chateaux or smaller estates. While the top properties receive much of the attention of the press and markets, it is at the lower end where the best bargain wines can be found. I have included a number of great value wines in the list below. Neal Martin has put it nicely:

There are some excellent Bordeaux AC wines, both white and red, many representing outstanding value. While one estate gets merchants frothing at the mouth for jacking up their three-digit price by 50%, there will be another eking a living from selling their decent Bordeaux for four or five Euros. There is just no Burgundy equivalent at that price… It can be a cutthroat business, but at the center can be a well-made, delicious Bordeaux wine that might not be blessed with propitious terroir, a fleet of optical sorting machines or a Picasso hanging in reception – yet it may give affordable drinking pleasure. NEAL MARTIN

What is obvious, beyond obvious, actually, is the huge image problem that continues to plague Bordeaux. In the eyes of many consumers, Bordeaux still projects an image of greedy owners and nosebleed prices. Forget about the top 20-30 wines. They are mostly terrific, and they will almost always be good, if not quite a bit better than that. But very few consumers can afford those wines anymore. Most importantly, those wines are not the real Bordeaux. The real Bordeaux is a region that produces a truly remarkable, seemingly endless number of fabulous wines that the consumer can still afford. Whatever your budget – under $25, under $50, under $100 – no region in the world comes close to matching Bordeaux for pedigreed red wines that are also relatively easy to find. ANTONIO GALLONI

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Also note:

All wines are subject to availability and until you receive confirmation, all orders are subject to change.

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All wines will be available for delivery in 2018

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