Bordeaux Cellar Offer Jan 2018

Bordeaux has a reputation as one of the greatest wine regions in the world and the reason for this is that for a very long time it has produced wines that look good when they are young but improve greatly with age. Even before the 1844 classification on the Grand Cru Classe the wines of the Medoc where bought, shipped and cellared all over the world.

Wines of Bordeaux typically a Blend of Bordeaux Merlot and Cabernet Franc are aged in small oak barrels, when young they can be tannic and firm, yet with time they have a proven ability to develop great complexity and elegance. Bordeaux is often best consumed 10-20 years from its release and many can improve for a lot longer. This process happens best in a good cellar where temperature is kept consistently low and in Australia cellars are no were near as common, in the UK or the US.  This Cellar selection allows you to get some way down the aging process. These wines have come out of an immaculate cellar where they have been since purchase and at a price that in most cases is less than the current release wines from the same properties.