Buisson Battault 2016 Pre Arrival Offer

Domaine Buisson-Battault are consistent producers of first class Burgundy. Made by tradtional medthods, these wines really express the true characteristics of the region. Both 1er Cru Meursaults are exceptional wines, the Goutte d’Or, a heady opulent wine enriched with spicy notes, and Les Poruzots, with an abundance of ripe fruit and majestic firm structure. JASPER MORRIS MW

Two thousand sixteen is a potentially classic white Burgundy vintage marked by a devastating frost event that sharply reduced overall production and dramatically complicated the lives of growers. Overall production was sharply lower than normal, so the wines will also require serious effort to hunt down. The better ‘16s – and there are many of them well worth your interest – are vibrant, precise and firmly built, with the extract and energy to support graceful evolution in bottle. STEPHEN TANZER

We have been excitedly talking about these wines here at PWS for a while now. Sadly they missed the last shipment and we were all primed to get our allocation of Francois wines as they have become something of a personal favourite in recent years for their purity of expression and the sense of tension he manages to capture so well, they are enlivening Meusaults that never fail to captivate and draw you in.

While many of our customers will be familiar with the story of this domaine now it is worth reiterating for those that may not be and to remind any who may have forgotten. We were introduced to these wines by none other than legendary Burgundy figure Jean-Marc Roulot and when the greatest producer in Meursault tells you to check out a domaine you do and you do it with a little more pep in your step. So our love affair with these wines began.

Michael and I visited again in May of this year and the visit only proved to reinforce my respect for the man and the style. He was a little less reserved on this visit, maybe because we have seen him a few times now but I think it was because in his very humble way he knew that his new releases were quite special and they really are. While the 2015 release was inspiring because he still produced wines of verve and energy in a warm year (few people managed that feat) his 2016s and 2017s fell right in to the sweet spot for him. 2016 is a vintage of flesh and power but the best producers also retained a degree of poise and prominent minerality. The tiny yields also resulted in serious concentration and wines of high extract. The combination can result in really impressive wines that marry richness and energy well, a perfect combo for these scintillating whites.

As always there are no reviews for his wines and aren’t likely to be any time in the near future but we can attest to the sensational quality of this artisanal star of Meursault as can the horde of customers who now buy up on these wines every year and often come back for more.


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