Buisson Battault 2017 Pre Arrival

Domaine Buisson-Battault are consistent producers of first class Burgundy. Made by traditional methods, these wines really express the true characteristics of the region. Both 1er Cru Meursaults are exceptional wines, the Goutte d’Or, a heady opulent wine enriched with spicy notes, and Les Poruzots, with an abundance of ripe fruit and majestic firm structure. JASPER MORRIS MW

Two thousand sixteen is a potentially classic white Burgundy vintage marked by a devastating frost event that sharply reduced overall production and dramatically complicated the lives of growers….. it’s also a vintage well worth due diligence on the part of Burgundy lovers, as the better wines are precise, fresh and classic. Overall production was sharply lower than normal, so the wines will also require serious effort to hunt down.
The better ‘16s – and there are many of them well worth your interest – are vibrant, precise and firmly built, with the extract and energy to support graceful evolution in bottle. STEPHEN TANZER

I would like to open this offer by saying that we have been waiting for this particular allocation for some time and with no small degree of excitement/anticipation. The last time I had an opportunity to visit the domaine was just before the horrendous frosts that ravaged much of the Cote in 2016 (and we are just now planning our visit in a few weeks) and I left that particular tasting with a mixed sense of amazement and confusion. How had this man not been “discovered” why were his wines still available and not being hunted down by eager collectors the world over. He had given us the answer during the tasting, he simply didn’t bother with critics. He explained that his style was not in fashion years ago and he has never bothered chasing the scores since.
Now of course his pristine and clear cut style is precisely what we are all looking for and his wines epitomise what many of regard as the “modern style” of Meursault, misguidedly it would seem as producers like him had been quietly crafting wines like this while all the noise was happening and he now finds himself in an enviable position as he has a very loyal following at home and abroad and his wines sell quickly. As Jasper Morris MW, one of the world’s most knowledgeable people on the subject of what makes fine Burgundy, points out he is one of the most “consistent producers of first class Burgundy”.

For those who don’t remember how we came to be importing this domaine it is worth reminding you. We were given the tip by none other than legendary Meursault figure Jean-Marc Roulot. That is advice you don’t take lightly.

As to the wines, if you haven’t had them before, Battault’s recipe is simple and all about the fruit source. Like all truly great winemakers he spends most of his time in his vineyards and does as little as possible in the winery where small portions of new wood, little or no stirring and ferments with heavy solids are employed with breathtaking results. First and foremost these are wines of place and time so considering his enviable holdings and the overall quality of 16 whites these tick all the requisite boxes for me.

Now for the bad news. As everyone is now aware the weather in 2016 wreaked havoc on the growers and yields were down dramatically. The result is we have much less than previous years, less than ten cases of the three premier cru and only twenty cases of the old vine village wine. The wines have garnered a big following amongst out customers in the last four years since we began bringing them in and so to be fair we are offering the wines first to previous buyers and at the usual 20% pre arrival pricing. They are due to arrive towards the end of March or beginning of April and we will let you know as soon as your orders are ready.

One final point I would to bring up here is that these wines remain, in the context of their region and the quality level, an absolute bargain and it is rare that you can purchase examples of these vineyards in any real quantity in today’s market so being able to buy them in multiple bottles is a rarity