Burguet 2017 Pre Arrival Offer

As for the wines, they are lovely Burgundies that capture the mid-weight style of the year and the more refined, nuanced approach the Burguet brothers have pursued since taking over from their father, Alain. This small Gevrey estate has been around too long to be considered ‘under the radar’ and yet I am always amazed the wines don’t get more recognition. ANTONIO GALLONI

For those that are not familiar with the Domaine, it is one of the most consistent in Burgundy. BURGHOUND

This is an estate that I have been following for more than a decade and of which I am an avid fan. I think the comment from Galloni sums up my feelings pretty well as I too am constantly astounded that people aren’t knocking down the front door to get their hands on Jean-Luc and Eric’s (formally Alain’s) wines.

The quality here has been superb for a long time, longer than I have been buying them, but the style has changed somewhat. Today the brothers, who took over full control of the vineyards and winemaking from their father, tend towards a more attractive, forward and fruitful style where elegance is preferred over the somewhat robust wines that made their father so famous among collectors.

Our tasting with Eric this year was a highlight of the trip for me for a number of reasons, the only one that really matters to everyone though was that the quality of what we tasted was, perhaps predictably, fantastic. I noted a few things the great man had to say but I really loved this little comment “I love the 17s for their fluid balance. They are easily accessible. We will be bottling a little sooner to preserve the beautiful freshness of the 17s”.

The work put in by Eric and Jean-Luc to crafting even finer wines than their father has been inspiring to watch (and drink). Today they have all the same richness and depth of fruit but there is less obvious wood, brighter fruit and an overall more enticing profile than the sometimes blocky wines of Alain’s day. A vintage like 2017 really plays in to the hands of Eric and his brother’s strengths. As a bracket these are a refined, perfumed bracket that display a sumptuous and plush core of fruit and wonderfully mineral laden characters. The Mes Favourites rates along with the likes of the 13 as one of the best I have tasted from them but everything turned up roses chez Burguet.