Burgundy 2016 Round Two Offer

So, as with every vintage, the two questions for you as consumers that take precedence over everything else always are: should I buy the wines and if so, how much of them? The best wines are wonderfully refreshing, transparent and graceful with moderately firm tannic spines where the all-important element of balance is supplemented by good but not high acidities. Before I offer more detail, the short answer is yes on both accounts that the 2016s deserve a place in your cellars and there is no reason not to go heavy – I for one will be buying all that I can afford and find. More specifically, there are two aspects that I absolutely love about the 2016s which are those of the crystalline transparency to the underlying terroirs coupled with their refreshing drinkability. One just feels like drinking the 2016s, in fact it’s hard not to like them. BURGHOUND

This is the second round of our annual Burgundy campaign and due to the scarcity of the wines this year is only being offered to previous buyers as we expect them to go very quickly. I have to say it’s quite an exciting line up as well, a few of my favourites in there. There is Matrot who I rank up there with the best from Meursault, their use of no new wood in their Meursault wines always delivers a very clear and thrilling expression of terroir. Jean Tardy makes super seductive, utterly engaging wines and would be one of the great young talents of the Cote who deserves a lot more attention than he gets in Australia. The wines being made at Taupenot Merme are better now than ever and recent releases have an extra level of sophistication, they are suaver and more heady, lovely really.

Lastly the big guns from William Fevre. Fevre is right on top of the game at the moment and producing wines that equal the cult producers of the region. Their 16 AC was sensational and the reviews for the Premiers and Grands are unanimously super. I always urge people to buy more Chablis, they over deliver of comparative value and really, lets be honest, what is better than a great glass of Chablis, especially with some age.