Burgundy 2017 Round One

2017 – A Very Fine to Excellent Classically Styled White Burgundy Vintage… In particular many 2017 display a wonderfully refreshing salinity which only serves to enhance their appeal. BURGHOUND

In terms of quality, let me briefly concur with Tanzer regarding the quality of the 2017 whites. My sample size is smaller than his, yet there are some quite brilliant whites that, many growers are beginning to opine, equal or even surpass the haloed 2014s.
The 2017 reds are very good, often excellent, and from time to time, bloody awesome…. The growing season did not leave such a heavy imprimatur upon the wines as others, including 2015 and 2016. Wines are governed more by the DNA of each vineyard and then sculpted by winemakers’ decisions. NEAL MARTIN, Vinous

So, here it is, the first instalment of our larger Burgundy offers for the 2017 campaign and I am excited. From what Michael and I tasted there earlier this year and what we have seen arrive in Oz so far there is a lot to love about the year. As is usual I like to include a brief summary of the year and the wines since we have only just begun to offer them in earnest and a bit of context is an important thing when buying Burgundy like this. I will break my thoughts up in to my impression of the reds and the whites, for ease of operation. You can see these in the full offer PDF if you are interested.

This first large offer of 2017s brings together a few producers that I think should be on everyone’s radar. Taupenot Merme has gone from strength to strength over recent years and today is making captivating wines. Latour-Giraud is a Meursault based producer you may not have heard of but you should definitely explore. They are that seemingly mythical combination of remarkable quality and, comparatively, amazing value. Jean Tardy’s reds are supple, sophisticated and expressive, he is justifiably regarded as one of the young stars of the region today.