Burgundy 2017 Round Two

In terms of quality, let me briefly concur with Tanzer regarding the quality of the 2017 whites. My sample size is smaller than his, yet there are some quite brilliant whites that, many growers are beginning to opine, equal or even surpass the haloed 2014s.
The 2017 reds are very good, often excellent, and from time to time, bloody awesome…. The growing season did not leave such a heavy imprimatur upon the wines as others, including 2015 and 2016. Wines are governed more by the DNA of each vineyard and then sculpted by winemakers’ decisions. NEAL MARTIN, Vinous

The second instalment of our Burgundy offers highlighting the 2017 vintage is here.
From what Michael and I tasted there earlier this year and what we have seen arrive in Oz so far there is a lot to love about the year. In fact the more I taste now the more enamoured I become with the year. Supple reds that are full of energy and are wonderfully transparent with bright profiles and alluring aromatics. The kinds of wines that you just want to drink, it’s a year that I think we will all look back on fondly when we start to open and drink these wines.

As to the whites my opinion remains the same as it did when tasting there: this is an outstanding white vintage and one that should be on the radar of everyone who drinks white Burgs. Intensely mineral, wonderfully bright and energetic with a degree of inner stuffing that makes the best of them utterly thrilling but perhaps a touch more accessible than say the 14s. I love 17 whites.

This instalment of our Burg offerings is quite special, it includes the newly arrived Faiveley wines. I know I have been harping on about this for a few years now but you really need to buy Faiveley (if you don’t already) they are on fire these days and the current offerings deliver everything you want in spades and they remain affordable when compared to many others. Burguet is back, we offered these out briefly when they first arrived but I really want to draw your attention to their 17s as they capture both the beauty of the vintage and also the depth of luscious fruit that is part of the stamp of the domaine. They are, as a bracket, lovely.

We have also included the wines of cult producer Domaine Fourrier. These are available in minuscule quantities and as sought after as they are I don’t imagine they will last long.

For the whites there is the wonderfully precise wines of Matrot, another producer I am constantly trying to get everyone to drink more of. For those unfamiliar with the Meursault centric domaine I strongly suggest you give them a try. They stand out for their unencumbered and transparent expressions that sing the imprint of their various sites. Great wines.

Last but far from least are the wines of Bernard Moreau. In recent times his wines have shot right to the top of the tree amongst Chassagne producers. They are usually powerfully built with superb balance and plenty of solidsy nuance to add depth and nuance. There isn’t much and they have a rabid following here in Oz and elsewhere around the world. Don’t miss them if you can.

It is a star studded line up of producers on offer and there should be something here for any fan to love.



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