Burgundy Clearance Special

Well, there is a silver lining to every cloud they say. We have just been offered a selection of wines from one of Australia’s greatest Burgundy importers of things they have excess stock of and at substantially discounted prices. These kinds of things just don’t happen and these kinds of wines just don’t get discounted.

Most of them are wines we offered when released over the years and all are from great estates that have been stored in the importers cellars since their arrival.

Each wine has had a very substantial discount applied and we have passed that straight on to you, our customers. In some cases there is reasonable (in the context of Burgundy) quantity available but with many there is only a few bottles.

This really is a unique and exciting offer as there are some great names here on offer at great prices. The list includes, Comte Armand, Bouchard, de Montille, Pousse d’Or and Patrick Piuze.

The list we were offered was much larger but we have picked the eyes out of it for you and we think everything in here offers a genuine bargain with a few serious collectors pieces amongst them.

Really quite a remarkable list.

As always if you would like to place an offer please feel free to contact me directly. 0400 653 569

Click Here to download as a PDF to make it easier to browse.



Alex Wilcox


Please note: That while every effort has been made to ensure prices are correct at the time of offer we reserve the right to advise of a pricing error if it has occurred.