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Remarkable site that the fruit is grown on here. Verdant, buzzy with Bambi-like scenes of animals and flowers and insects and stuff. Biodynamic farming loads of care, a selected place to grow great grapes. Good ingredients. Clever winemaker, Claire Mullholland, and in the mix the wonderful consultant in Ted Lemon from Littorai, California. MIKE BENNIE

One thing you’ll come to know about me is that I am a Pinot fanatic. I love Pinot. In fact, I love Pinot so much that I named my Piaggio Fly after Pinot – ‘Pino’.

So, it’s no surprise that I’m excited over the new release of Burn Cottage. Fresh off the boat this week is the new 2016 release of Pinot Noir – so fresh the mad men behind the glass haven’t even racked up any reviews yet! Ah well, I guess I’ll just have to try it then and give my review…

Burn Cottage has been making consistently flawless wines since they were established in 2009. With a very sharp focus on Pinot Noir, they now have 10 different Pinot Noir clones planted across various vineyards. With the growing number of organic-farmed wineries in New Zealand, the winery has acquired quite the cult following for their ‘minimal intervention’, biodynamic and sustainable winemaking practices.

The two at the forefront of all of this is Ted Lemon (also known for his other successful project Littorai in California) and Claire Mulholland, previous head winemaker at Amisfield and Martinborough Vineyards.

The 2016 vintage in Central Otago was an extremely brisk one – It was the driest year in 56 years, tonnes of windy days and then an influx of rain and the grapes all ripening at once. The upside? Pinot Noir loves a challenge! The grape reacts best when under pressure and as it happens… the evidence is in the bottle.

The wine is just as predicted. With such strong historical eminence, I guess I’d be a goose not to expect another cracking Pinot from a cracking producer.

We also have very small amounts of the 2015 Moonlight Race Pinot left available – consisting of wines from 3 different vineyards – Burn Cottage, Northburn, and Mark II vineyard. It’s looking really smart – see Bob Campbell’s review below. Both wines will cellar for well over a decade.

To celebrate my love for Pinot, we are offering a juicy (pardon the pun) 15% discount on these wines. There’s not a great deal floating around so it’s a good time to get in.


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