By Farr and Pannell Tasting July 2019

The Farrs make exceptionally complex Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the Shiraz and Viognier equally meritorious. JAMES HALLIDAY

The future for the Pannells is limitless, the icon status of the label already established. JAMES HALLIDAY

If you were asked, which we are from time to time, who are the greatest winemakers in Australia today I think these two producers would need to be included and should definitely be on everyone’s hit list.

The Farr family’s interests are based around Moorabool Valley in Victoria’s Western Plains district, a windswept and unforgiving place to grow wines yet somehow yield some of this country’s most profound examples of Pinot Noir, wines that can boast a nearly unrivalled track record here for quality. With all the praise that is lavished on these wines it is easy to overlook their whites but they are no slouches, the Chardonnay regularly batting with the big boys, delivering sophistication and intensity of fruit in spades while the Viognier manages to straddle that line of richness and verve.

Stephen Pannell has established one of Australia’s leading wine labels from his home base in the McLaren Vale in South Australia. Few people can claim to make as many different wines with such striking quality as he can. The awards and accolades for this seemingly tireless producer keep mounting up, Winemaker Of The Year 2015, the coveted Jimmy Watson Trophy for his 2013 Adelaide Hills Syrah are just the tip of the very large iceberg here. Stephen approaches each wine with the same fanatical devotion and it shows, from his “alternative varieties” through to his show stopping Syrah and Cabernets, everything here is first class.

While the distance between the two wineries might be significant and the styles very different the quality of both sets the tone for this tasting. We will be showing a bracket of new releases from both producer and this promises to be a tasting not to miss.

Hopefully we will see you there.

Roscoe and the team at PWS HQ