By Farr New Releases 2020

When talking about the By Farr Estate it is very easy to draw comparisons to the great houses of Burgundy. Whilst there are appropriate reasons for this, i.e their dedication to Burgundian varieties and close family ties to Domaine Dujac in Morey-Saint-Denis, Nick Farr is quick to dispel the comparison.  His family’s work in Bannockburn, Victoria is very much about filtering out the noise and putting every effort into understanding their own vines, slopes and soils…. and hard work. Very hard work.

It is a single minded approach that shows respect for the vintage conditions without settling for second best. Each year the the family let the wines speak for themselves and each year like clockwork the premiere suite of By Farr wines are released on July 1st.  2020 will not stop the Farr family.

This year sees two 2019 whites in the form of By Chardonnay & Viognier, both the result of a season that caused Nick to write in his vintage notes ‘The vineyard and earth’s surface has never looked this dry’.  Yet it was an issue that was forecasted earlier in the season, prompting them to lower the vine wire and prune to ensure the grapes had enough of shade and aeration for the hotter parts of the growing season.  This, coupled with hay bail ground cover actually helped retain acidity and freshness in these whites to great success.

2018 was also a fairly dry season, but had just enough rain at the right times to lower the stress on the vines. The result was evenly ripe grapes and condensed harvest that saw a normal five week vintage condensed into a furiously paced three.  Stylistically By Farr sir alone, the vineyards they nurture produce wines with such a natural power that much of their ethic is driven by layering in detail, finesse and texture. Balance and vitality are words that will often be said by Nick Farr.