Cantine Pra Soave Classico 2017

Prà is one of the few producers who excels with both Soave and Amarone, which is quite rare. The Soaves are generally tense wines of structure. ANTONIO GALLONI

Graziano Prà’s wines offer possibly the best example of what the terroir of Monteforte d’Alpone can deliver. The highly black volcanic soils give wines that are mineral yet powerful, but Prà is especially adept at ensuring the wines also showcase a remarkable degree of finesse. IAN D’AGATA

Pra’ is one my favorite producers in Veneto. These wines all deliver considerable quality for the money. ANTONIO GALLONI

If you know these wines already it’s a safe bet you are a fan and there is no need for me to tray and convert you to the cause, however if you are unfamiliar with Pra and you enjoy the textural and food friendly whites of Italy then you need to get on board the Pra Train. Their house style is one that marries richness and fruit intensity with a certain snap and verve. They are succulent whites designed for drinking with food but I think equally matched to sharing with friends on a warm day.

The property is still run by brothers Sergio and Graziano Pra, the former in charge of the vines and the latter the winemaking. They are a force to be reckoned with in the region and remain a reference point for quality in the region and in all of Italy for the quality of their whites.
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