Cascina Roccalini Offer 2019

Cascina Roccalini is a relative newcomer on the scene in Piedmont. These new releases are promising… Dante Scaglione, formerly of Bruno Giacosa, is the consulting oenologist ANTONIO GALLONI

The gist is, a younger generation making passes at older style Barbaresco. Old school, new school, good school. Cascina Roccalini is right next door to Olek Bondonio, so finds some kindred spirit there! “I could either go with the philosophy of Voerzio [modern] or Rinaldi [traditional],” says vigneron Paolo Veglio, “and it was always Rinaldi.”
Some prized land holds the vines here too, indeed, his grapes were once sold to Dante Scaglione the winemaker for Bruno Giacosa, as an example. The farm itself is verdant and diverse in animal, insect, bird and plant life, an Eden located at the top of the hillsides on what some call ‘the balcony above Alba’. MIKE BENNIE, The Wine front

Veglio is a true artisan. He farms 11 acres, mostly Nebbiolo from the Roccalini cru just below the house and cellar. The property has been in the family since 1931; the oldest plantings of Nebbiolo date from 1961 and the youngest were planted in ’02. This is an estate to watch. BRUCE SANDERSON, Wine Spectator

Cascina Roccalini, not heard of it? Neither had we to be honest. We tasted these recently and both Michael and I were more than impressed. In fact it was one of those “what can we have” moments where we immediately tried to secure everything we could get.

While tasting we started asking the necessary questions and the story unfolded with the importer explaining that the vineyards used to be used by none other than Bruno Giacosa but that the family had recently ceased to sell fruit and have begun their own estate. But great vineyards don’t necessarily equate to great wines, there needs to be someone behind the label driving towards a goal.

To help guide them towards the ambitious goal owner Paolo Veglio enlisted none other than legendary Barbaresco figure Dante Scaglione as a consultant, the man behind some of the greatest wines of Giacosa and obviously very familiar with the vineyards after working with them for decades in his role at Giacosa. There is literally no one more accomplished in the region and few equally so. The class of such talent is pretty clear in the glass with these wines as is a sense that the push towards greatness is in the pipes here.

For now there isn’t much I can find out about the place other than what I have mentioned above, a few vague comments from Sanderson and a little insight from Mike Bennie from his recent trip along with some notes from last years releases.

So, what I can tell you about the wines is this. The 2017 Langhe showed wonderfully, it is a vibrant and attractive style with ample concentration and generosity, a character of the year. It delivers an irresistibly enticing combo of perfume, fruit, spice and energy.

The 2015 Barbaresco Roccalini was a serious step up in character and quality. It wasn’t without immediate charm but it also had a solid lick of, properly ripe, tannins that seem to pull it in on itself and create a fairly compact package. You had to look down in to the core of the wine to see where it was going and just how much it had to offer and would likely show given time. It is an impressive and entirely convincing example of Barbaresco from a truly great vintage and with quality like this on the table I would say a gifted producer.

There is also a little 2013 Riserva which we have not tasted yet but that, on the sheer quality of these new wines, we have purchased on speck. There isn’t much of anything to go around and no reviews for these wines but we can vouch for the quality that this new (to us) producer has on offer. We think they are stupendous value and deserve the attention of every fan.


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