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The end result of ‘the Chablis difference’, for the drinker, is that there is a greater level of consistency within Chablis than elsewhere in Burgundy. Every level of Chablis offers fine-value terroir wine, mouthwatering and unique, with a little canny buying; even Petit Chablis can be memorable in a way that its Côte d’Or equivalent, the Hautes Côtes, struggles to match. ANDREW JEFFORD, Decanter Magazine

“there is good definition of place. The dry conditions drove vines to drink deeper down in the soil profile.” PATRICK PIUZE, on 2018s

Personally, I would go back and take a serious look at any 2017s you can find on retail shelves and wine lists. The 2018s are going to be delicious when they are young… 2017 is exceptional as I noted in my tasting report last year. They have serious Chablis character with a sturdy backbone of acidity, concentration, weight and ripeness. It was a great vintage for so many producers right across the scale of classification.

Other producers who have delivered strong quality in both 2017 and 2018 are Patrick Piuze, whose extensive range of wines speak clearly to terroir in both vintages…. and Christian Moreau, who has pinned the authentic character of site driven Chablis to the target in both 2017 and 2018. NICK STOCK,

Who doesn’t love Chablis? Seriously though, why would you not want a well stocked selection of Chablis in the house for any and all occasions. I have often commented on the fact that Chablis does not draw the attention it rightly deserves as one of the world’s greatest wine white wine regions that yields Chardonnay that is unique and expressive in ways no other area can replicate. The upshot to this is that the wines remain relatively good value when compared to some of the more illustrious Chardonnay regions around the world. I find it baffling but I also hope it continues because I love the fact I can still find and afford some of the greatest examples of Chablis.

This particular offer is three of the most exciting producers, Christian Moreau, Patrick Piuze and Vocoret from two quite different but equally interesting years. 2017 was a vintage that offered loads of classicism in the bottle, intense minerality and mouth watering acidity but where the yields were drastically low due to, yet another, horrendous weather event in the region which decimated the potential crops. The best 17s are brilliant with wonderful Chabliness.

2018, a vintage that everyone will start hearing a lot about from the critics soon. It’s a year marked by sunshine and the first vintage in some time where Chablis has realised something like normal yields. Some of you may remember the discussions about why vintages like 2016 worked for reds in Burgundy, the drastically low yields saving the quality, it is something akin to the reverse case here. The warmth of the year seems to have been offset by the reasonable crops of the vintage providing more freshness and energy than say a year like 2015. The best wines we have tasted so far have a punch to the fruit but also no lack of vibrancy, minerality and site transparency.

Together it’s a great duo of years that offer plenty of enjoyment for those who love Chablis with the 17s delivering on the intense and classic saline aspect and driving profiles while their 18 counterparts provide a bit more upfront appeal and immediacy, wines that will be lovingly gulped down by adoring fans over the next handful of years.

I think it is worth mentioning Nick Stock’s comments about two of the producers who over-delivered in 2018, being Piuze and Moreau. These two are consistently among my top small handful of Chablis every year and their 18 offerings clearly demonstrate why.

For those not familiar with the Vocoret wines I would like to strongly suggest you give them a go. Eleni was mentored, and still works closely with, none other than legendary Chablis figure Vincent Dauvissat and the wines are very much in line with the style. While the wines have plenty of smoky minerality they also have a solid core of fruit and fine texture, something I associate with their esteemed friend and neighbours wines. These are excellent.

These three producers should fulfil all the wants and needs of fans of wines from the region. Three super producers and a great line up.

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