Chalmers The Frontier Varieties Tutorial 2019

It’s a hot topic in a warming world: How to grow grapes that love the heat, cope with drought and make wines with character, freshness and vitality. In thought and in action, the Chalmers family is leading the way in promoting vine varieties that suit the Australian landscape and culture – both now and for the future. Their bold vision to import 70-odd new selections in the ’90s has proved a game changer; there are now more than 2 million vines from these original importations planted in the nation’s vineyards.

While leading the charge they have not only inspired many in the wine industry but are a go-to on the how-to of these varietals in Australia. A changing climate and a changing wine landscape has already seen many of these varietals firmly set in the wine psyche of Australian drinkers. No longer just a winery to watch Chalmers wines have fully put their indelible stamp on the industry at large.

The way the family’s organically farmed, dry-grown Heathcote vineyard has turned these into excellent, naturally fermented, addition-free (bar sulphur) wines is, in itself, a measure of their success. Over the years the Chalmers family has released Australia’s first Vermentino, Greco, Aglianico, Nero d’Avola and Sagrantino no mean feat in itself.