Chianti 2016 Round Two

The top 2016s have turned out to be just as extraordinary as I had hoped they would be… The best of these wines offer the consumer extraordinary quality and value. ANTONIO GALLONI

2016 could hardly have been more conducive to making some of the best wines ever for Chianti Classico. JAMES SUCKLING

Chianti Classico 2016, the best thing since sliced bread? Bigger than Ben Hur? The bees knees? Yes to all those things. It really is just one of those ideal vintages for a region where all the great producers have made wines of real quality and class. I guess the clincher for me is still that you get wines of this standard, from producers like Felsina and Rocca di Montegrossi who are in the top handful of estates in the region and you get them with change from a $50. If you are looking for great value wines that can hold their heads up high on the global stage then Chianti Classico remains one of the epicentres for consumers on the hunt.

Both of these estates 16 releases are superb with Rocca being more on the deeply pitched, richer and more upfront style and Felsina cooler and more buoyant, juicier even. If you are not familiar with Pagliarese, this is an old, historical, estate in the region now run by and produced by Felsina. The wine still includes dollops of the traditional varieties Canaiolo and Mammolo and is a touch more reserved and gritty, it will be gorgeous one day but needs a little more time than the others.

This trio of Chianti are fantastic and all of them should provide you with plenty of enjoyment now or over some years to come. It is a vintage to be genuinely excited about and these are two of the greatest producers in the region.

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