Clos Mogador 2016

Rene Barbier was the driving force behind the revival of Priorat. Though his demeanour suggests a hippie or a prospector, this wine, a blend of Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Carinena, is suave and sophisticated. Clos Mogador, Gratallops – owned by Rene Barbier, one of the leading lights of the Gratallops group, and his son. THE WINE SPECTATOR

Gratallops wines are amongst the most stunning in all of Spain. JOHN RADFORD, The New Spain

It’s a great day when we receive our annual allocation of Clos Mogador from Spain’s Priorat. As you’ve been a supporter of the wine in the past

Clos Mogador is iconic, regarded as producing one of the greatest wines of Spain which quite often transcends the region it (in no small) part helped establish. Despite this, the Barbier family continue serve the land they farm. Their vineyards stand out amongst the local ‘moon-scape’ with a ground cover of indigenous greenery and interspersed trees. The latter they co-planted to further encourage biodiversity. The yields are drastically low so not much wine is made, but the little that is produced has an intense concentration of flavour and minerality. In the winery indigenous yeasts and very low amounts sulphur are used with a keen eye on cleanliness.

In addition to the 2016 Clos Mogador red this year we are also offering their Nelin cuvée. A white blend of Grenache Blanc & Macabeau plays with 10 to 15 days of cold soak whilst the indigenous yeasts get started. It is fermented in oak before being aged in large wood and stainless steal for six months prior to bottling. Clos Mogador are in fact aiming to have 50% of their production as white wine in the future, so this cuvee shouldn’t be overlooked as mere folly.

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