Clos Naudin Offer 2019

Philippe Foreau and the Domaine du Clos Naudin are well known for the purity and extreme longevity of the wines produced there. Foreau cultivates a total of 11.5 hectares of vines of which all are dedicated to Chenin Blanc. his wines are style-forming pure and fresh and gain complexity the more years they are allowed to age. STEPHAN REINHARDT

Considering that few white wine growers anywhere can boast the track record of Philippe Foreau, his Vouvrays are priced to continue offering wonderful value. Buy these wines now, before the market for Loire wine at last becomes a meritocracy. WINE ADVOCATE

This may be the most exciting thing to have come across our benches in a while. For a very long time I have been a devotee of these wines but they have been extremely difficult to find in Australia. That is until now. A new importer has recently added them to their already impressive portfolio and I was fortunate enough to taste through the new releases and the 2014 Sec yesterday.

For those not familiar with the wines they are widely regarded as the greatest producer in the region along with Huet but the wines are quite different. Clos Naudin does not refer to a single site. The family own several of the best vineyards in Vouvray and have for generations, though perhaps the crowning jewel is Les Perruches which sits above the village itself, next to Huet’s Le Mont.

Production here is tiny, their entire vineyard holdings clock in at only 11 hectares and a good portion of this makes its way in to their sparkling wine. The older vines from the best positioned sites are used for their sublime still whites.

If you have not had these before you owe it to yourself to grab some now. The wines are the epitome of what great Vouvray should be. They are buoyant, precise, chiselled examples that pack intensity, power and verve with remarkable synergy. They explode with vibrancy and energy, such wonderfully refreshing wines that have a legendary track record for their ability to age gracefully for decades in bottle while never shutting down or losing their inherent freshness. If anything some of the older examples of these I have had seem even more fresh when they are developed, the fruit changes but they retain an exuberance that is nothing short of breathtaking.

A big wrap? Sure, but wait till you try them for yourself. Foreau’s wines were introduced to me back when I was at uni and I have eagerly grabbed them whenever and wherever possible since then.

We have also been offered tiny amounts of some cellar release wines which I have included in the offer after their 2017s. These were shipped in tiny quantities, a matter of a few cases of each for Australia. So if you are interested I encourage you to get in quickly to avoid missing out on some of the world’s most remarkable white wines.

Sadly as highly regarded as the wines are, my understanding is, the reclusive Philippe does not often entertain critics and so the reviews are often sporadic and come either from reviewers who open the bottles privately or the rare visit to his estate.

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