Collector Marked Tree Red Shiraz 2014


Owner and winemaker Alex McKay makes exquisitely detailed wines, bending to the dictates of inclement weather on his doorstep, heading elsewhere if need be. He is not known to speak much, and when he does, his voice is very quiet. So you have to remain alert to appreciate his unparalleled sense of humour. No such attention is needed for his wines, which are consistently excellent, their elegance appropriate for their maker. JAMES HALLIDAY

It’s back with a vengeance. I remember tasting the 2009 release of this and then trying to buy every bottle we could for the store, which became exceedingly difficult after the review from the James Halliday Wine Companion. The wines are always excellent but the 2014 is another stunning release. I mean this is some suave and sophisticated juice that really doesn’t have any business being this cheap. The little dollop of Viognier gives it a slippery texture and the inclusion of a small portion of whole bunches adds spice and lift. Like 2009 the 2014 version is bang on and an absolute steal at this price. Buy a heap of it! Put some away, drink some now, I mean for $22 a bottle you could probably bathe in it if you were so inclined.

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