Copper Rivet Distillery Spirits

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our first shipment of Copper Rivet Distillery's Dockyard Gin.

We were first introduced to the distillery by Melbourne (and San Sebastian) bar owner, Gerald Diffey. He was fairly passionate about this range of gins he'd seen on a trip back to the UK and urged us to import some. We knew Gerald knew his stuff so we were interested but wary given the number of Gins in the market, but once we delved deeper into the operation and then tasted the range we were sold. 

The distillery is a relatively new operation headed by Bob Russell and sons, Matthew and Stephen. It is unique in several senses but first off it is housed in a Victorian-era pumphouse in the now derelict Chatham Dockyard south of London. The dockyard was at one time of huge importance to the Empire building ships for the Royal Navy from Napoleonic times through to the Falklands. The pumphouse # 5 was used to pump out water for the dry docks. Russell saw an opportunity to revitalise a magnificent piece of English architecture, give some locals a job and indulge his passion for making bespoke spirits. To do this he decided to take the road less travelled in distilling and instead of buying in bulk spirit to make his Gin he decided to make his own and to source everything from within 20 miles of the distillery. 

So, the father and sons team organised contracts to buy crops of early harvest wheat, barley, and rye from farmers on the Isle of Sheppy, just off the coast in the Thames Estuary. Each year they have the pick of the grain they want and in-so-doing have ultimate control over the quality of their base spirit. From there they use a range of traditional botanicals to produce their flagship traditional Navy Strength Gin - Dockyard. 

The range extends to include a Damson Gin with Damsons sourced from the nearby Kent orchards and an unoaked Whisky called Son of a Gun which is a cracking drink over ice or the perfect base spirit for a number of cocktails.