Correggia Roero Arneis 2016 Offer

The Correggia winery continues to set the pace for other wineries in the area, providing topics for discussion and food for thought. This is the way of things ever since the much-mourned Matteo showed just how much potential there was in an apparently marginal area. Today, Ornella and her exceptional staff is a champion of sustainable viticulture. Correggia’s natural approach means working the land in the full awareness of the surrounding environment. It’s another field in which Correggia is leading the way, sensibly and without ostentation.  GAMBERO ROSSO

I think of all my visits in our recent trip to Piedmont this was one of the most memorable. Not only are they making a bevvy of excellent wines but the people are just so welcoming and the attention to detail here is obvious in every aspect of the business. Matteo’s son now, Giovanni, assists long time winemaker, Luca Rostagno, but you can tell his great love is the vineyards and much of his time is spent with his crew working the vines with a meticulous eye for detail.

While they may garnish most of their praise for their Nebbiolo I have long been a fan of the Arneis, a variety Matteo championed in his time. Correggia’s 2016 Arneis is among the best examples we have seen of this wine over the years, a product of a brilliant vintage and a great winemaker. This is a wine I like to drink and regularly. It is often on my table with dinner and getting splashed around when I have friends over or a BBQ to attend.

If you haven’t tried Arneis before it is one of the more versatile food wines out there and in general when made well a great drink.

We have just landed our first shipment of this release and fans will know that we often are sold out of the wines as they have a huge following and each arrival tends to get gobbled up by restaurants and customers who know them well.

We are offering it at a very special 20% off single bottles and only $25 each in a straight dozen. You could do a lot worse than having a couple of cases of this in the house for the coming spring.